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We also represent taxpayers whose income tax and/or employment tax returns have been selected for audit. If audit results seem unreasonable, representation extends to the Appeals Office level (no additional fee). We will represent you at all administrative levels within IRS. 

If you have not filed income and/or employment tax returns in years, we can prepare current-year as well as past year income and employment tax returns...including Forms 941, 944, 940, W-2, W-3, 1099s and 1096.

If it's the weekend and you find that you are facing an urgent tax-related situation (IRS levy or other matter), call us. If we do not answer when you call, leave a message describing the issue, and we will return your call the same day you call us. We can begin working on completing a power of attorney so we can fax it to IRS. They will have it first thing Monday morning.