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Problems Complying with IRS and State Tax Filing and Payment Requirements?

In addition to assisting with IRS issues, we also help businesses keep their books in order to ensure that they remain in compliance with Federal and State Filing and Payment requirements.

We Help Your Business Comply with IRS and State Requirements by working with you to timely file required Federal and State returns and to timely pay your employment tax liabilities, if applicable, and estimated income tax payments. 

In the 20+ years of helping clients resolve IRS issues, I have observed that most issues arise because of a company's faulty bookkeeping, or taxpayers opted to wait until the end of the year to find out what the tax liability would be. In most cases, they  could not pay the tax in full. IRS then adds on penalty(ies) and interest, which makes it more difficult for someone to fully pay.

We offer:

Optional Services:

Payroll and other assistance -- 

State Taxation: 

  We can also prepare past-year Forms W-2s, 1099s, and other employment-related tax returns, including 941s, 940s, 944s, etc. 


Most monthly fees range from $500 - $1,200 depending on the number of monthly bank transactions, bank accounts and employees.

Credit and debit card payments accepted. The $1,200 monthly fee includes preparation of all relevant reports and tax returns, including the company’s quarterly and annual federal and state tax returns. No additional charge for those, but preparation of W2s and 1099s are billed separately.